Conference Programme and the order of the speakers


The conference will open at 6.30pm with the chair for the evening, Edward Lucas, giving a brief introduce of the topic and speakers.

Josef Zissels will then give a presentation for about 25-30 minutes about the current situation in Ukrainian, with special emphasis on the implications of the political transformation as well as the ongoing confrontation in eastern Ukraine for the local Jewish population. This presentation will be in Russian with consecutive interpretation in to English. Questions will then be taken from the floor.

Following this will be a short presentation by Anton Shekhovtsov mapping the impact of far-right movements in Ukraine (and beyond) and the impact of Antisemitism in the current situation.

Finally, Antony Polonsky will take on the situation in Eastern Europe as a whole and indicate directions in which the discussion should take.

After a very short break there the audience will be given an opportunity to contribute to the discussion which will be followed by a return to the panellists for further comments and replies to questions posed from the floor.

The conference will conclude around 8.30pm.




An open letter to Vladimir Putin from the leaders of the Ukrainian Jewish community


In March an open letter was sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin, signed by a number of important leaders of the Ukrainian Jewish community, including the guest speaker at the Future Perspectives conference Josef Zissels.

The letter, among other things, urged Mr Putin to not destabilise the Eastern region of Ukraine and to stop “attempts of delegitimizing the new Ukrainian government”.

The full letter is available to read via the following link:

Please remember to sign up to the Future Perspectives Conference on our Eventbrite page to see Mr Zissels speak on the present situation in Ukraine.

One week to go


The editorial team at Future Perspectives is naturally becoming increasingly excited as the conference draws ever closer.

With only one week to go, tickets are being booked rapidly but there are still a few available via our eventbrite page; make sure to book yours as soon as possible:

We hope to see you at the conference!

A view of the George Fox Rom at Friends House, where the conference will be held.

A view of the George Fox Rom at Friends House, where the conference will be held.

6 months since Josef Zissels’ Speach at Euromaidan


Today has not only been Father’s Day in the UK but has also marked six months since Josef Zissels, Head of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine, addressed the crowd of protestors at Maidan Square in central Kiev. On a December day six months ago Mr Zissels declared that; “We [Ukraine] need a new government, a government of national unity that shall hold the country back from the gaping pit, that shall preserve its integrity, prevent discord and civil war, and prepares civilized elections with no falsification or government resources used”.

The full text of his speech can be found translated via this link:

Mr Zissels will be speaking on the current situation of the Ukrainian revolution and the country’s Jewish community in London at the Future Perspectives conference on the 30th of June.

Josef Zissels speaking at Euromaidan in Kiev last December.

Josef Zissels speaking at Euromaidan in Kiev last December.

To register for the conference, which is free and open to the public, follow this link: